While it may not seem like they are at all related, I learned how to do all of this mp3 stuff, including recording and editing because of my interest in Old Time Radio.

Unshackled (Wyzwolony) programs in Polish

Albert Pine

Bill Steibs

Albert Nielson

Bill Irwin

Arthur Amsbaugh

Barbara Zahn

Betty Coon

Bill Glover

Bob Reed

Earl Buck

Brad Kesler

Ed Harper

Brian Boyes

Ed Sealy

Christine Crawford

Fred Dunford

Curtis Irby

Fred Howard Johnson

David Lehman

Greg Locke

David Pearson

Herb Shreve

Diane & Greg Malanick part 1

Jack Johnson

Diane & Greg Malanick part 2

James Manning

Don Barry

Janet Jordan


Jay Schwab

If you would like to hear these, you can listen at their website.

Through the Bible with J.Vernon McGee todays Polish broadcast....

Here is the link to the Trans World Radio site which has a half year of Through the Bible broadcasts. It is called Wedrowka przez Biblie.


I have several J. Vernon McGee series complete in Polish/mp3 format. If you need them, please contact me. These are the series I have complete:

NT: Mark (17 lessons), Luke (33 lessons) , John (42 lessons), Acts(34 lessons), Romans, 1 Corinthians, Jude (10 lessons), OT: Numbers (24 lessons), Joshua, Judges, Ruth (6 lessons), 1 Samuel (17 lessons), 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, Nehemiah, Ezra, Esther, How to Study the Bible (4 lessons)