This section of the website deals specifically with who we are and what we like to do. (!--Iíve asked my kids if they each want a page and they said ďNo thanks, mom!Ē)

The ministry section deals more with what we do. This is in addition to our regular website at Check that out. Also, you can check out for the latest news.

Family: Pictures of us and our relatives. Here are reasonably current pictures of the children.

Hobbies: Things I am interested in.

My Diet: I lost quite a bit of weight in 2003-2004 and lots of people were curious. Here is my story.

Cultural letters: Iíve written a series of letters that reveal my feelings about living here in Poland.

Letters: Sign up for our prayer letter.

Goodies: Fun things Iíve come across in various places.

Funnies: Funny things Iíve seen here in Poland

Thanks for taking of your valuable time to peruse my site.

Becky Petersen