Our Needs

Needs and Answers

We need Godís power in our lives and for people to come to understand Godís truly simple plan of salvation here in Poland.

We need more good, solid, Bible believing missionary couples, and churches started. We are so thankful for the few couples that are here. Currently we have fellowship with several other couples and new churches including
Bethel Baptist Church, Krakow
Immanuel Baptist Church, Krakow
New Baptist Church, Siedlce (being started by BWM missionaries jointly)

We are purchasing a house and lot near us to use as a foundation office/church building.  We can also use the garage there as storage for some of our charity stuff (This is how we have registered the foundation--it is a charitable organization) as demonstrated by our Christmas parties. We can then receive items from you all if you wish to send them and have a place to store them until such time as we can distribute them.  We are borrowing some money to do this, and would like to pay it back quicker than the 10 years we are hoping to do so. The total cost is $140,000. We still owe about $80,000. We could use large or small gifts to pay back the borrowed money.

We are currently in the remodeling stages of this project. It is a massive task!  We could use any help/volunteers, or gifts towards this project.

There are plenty of pictures at the Otwock section of this website.


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