We had been looking for a place to meet locally when Mike came upon a house that was for sale. Rent seemed to be very high, so buying made sense. To make a long story short, we borrowed from friends and liquidated our own assets in order to buy this house. In 10 years of renting, we could pay back what we borrowed and be that much closer to having a self-supporting church. (Most churches here need at least 10 years to be self-supporting.)

We made several payments. The last was in September (2004), but we were unable to get possession of the house until December 14 when Mike finally was allowed on the property.  We began to clean up the building and do remodeling.  Here are pictures that will explain where we’ve come from and where we are currently. It is exciting to see how far we’ve come and what God has provided.

Much more needs to be done. Please pray that God would provide the needed funds and ability to get this work done quickly. There are so many other things we’d like to do and remodeling is extremely time consuming and leaves little other time for outreaches, etc.

Outside view of house

Otwock line drawing of outside





Click on a link to the left to get a photo update on the current status of each room/area.

Lower level of house/church

bottom floor plan Otwock

1. Main auditorium

2. Office

3. Yellow room

4. Kitchen

5. Nursery

6. Grey room

7. Hallway

8. Hallway

9. Entrance


Click on the link for more pictures of what we are doing to each of these rooms

Upper level

Otwock top floor with numbers

1. Storage area “Opoka”

2. Blue Room

3. Green Room


You can’t begin to appreciate what we’ve done if you can’t see what it was like “in the beginning”. The first 5 pictures were pictures taken in September, 2004, several months before we were able to take possession, which was December 14, 2004. The last two were taken after we started cleanup..


Back side



Front entrance

More trash


General to the whole house/yard.




Cleanup in December, 2004

Cleanup of shrubs

Fire in December