Did you want to know what we do? What I do especially?  Who we are?  For “who we are” go to our main website at www.solidrockpl.org and find all the information that my husband put there.

For the latest “up to the minute” news about what’s going on with us, our family OR our ministry, check out the “blog” at www.blog.solidrockpl.org

Here’s a brief description of what you will find in this section of this website:

Otwock remodeling: We’ve been working since December, 2004, on remodeling a house that was originally built in 1942 that we were able to purchase (with the help of a few loans) for the purpose of starting a church.  Since the price of land is rapidly rising to western European prices, we wanted to see about getting some land before it gets so high that a small work could not afford it. We have 1/2 acre, a house, 2 garages and an area that could be made into a play area. Check out the pictures here.

Christmas parties: These have been a major outreach for us for the past couple of years. We hope to have the same this year in various children’s homes. We also would like to be able to provide some gifts to just “poor” kids who, otherwise might get nothing for Christmas.  Of course, we include an invitation to church and a special Christmas tract with each present.

Our Needs: Check out this section to find out what our current prayer requests are. I don’t put on this page any really personal information about people in our ministry. You can pray generally for the families in Poland as it seems that most of them are dysfunctional, or on the verge of divorce.

Fire: October 26, 2004 someone set fire to our building in Gora Kalwaria and here’s the visual record of that.

Polish: These are resources that I’ve come across in Polish. Mainly some Unshackleds in Polish and J. Vernon McGee “Through the Bible” programs in Polish.

Favorites: My page of supporting churches and other sites that you might find interesting.

Break-In: April 15, 2007 someone broke into the church in Otwock. Here are some pics.