The girls and I made these scrap denim quilts last winter. I liked the way they turned out.


This is our first rag quilt. Iíve since made two. One we gave away with the Baltic Mission Team ladies as a wedding gift and the other is draped over my sofa.


I did find this flannel here in Poland. The store had 3 choices and I chose this one as I thought it was the prettiest.


Here are 4 almost the same. They are patched denim--6Ē squares. Then the girls helped me tie them. The binding is from Walmart in the states. It helped them look really look sharp.. These are the back sides since they all look like the first one on the front.


We made this guy a couple years ago after my first really nice pumpkin crop.


This is probably my ďprizeĒ cross stitch project. I copied the idea of Phil. 4:8 from a magazine and then graphed it in Polish, found pictures to fill in the holes and cross stitched it. It was enjoyable to do. I did it when we were first in Poland, so I didnít understand what I was stitching. I understand it now!

Old Radio Programs

I enjoy old time radio and listening to old radio shows such as Ranger Bill which is an old radio show put out by Moody Broadcasting Company and played on various Christian radio stations. Unshackled falls into the same type of program category. I have a couple of Polish Unshackled programs on my Polish page.

Iíve added some Old Time Radio program downloads here. Check them out for some sample programs.

While Iím not a professional by any means, I can play the piano and the flute some.

I also enjoy:

*Collecting sweaters (Iím so thankful that we live in a cold climate!), especially theme sweaters and beautiful floral ones.

*Ebay. It is my equivalent of going to the mall.

*Reading...! lots of things

Things I could be interested in if I had 36 hours in a day.... quilting, more computer work, tatting, needlepoint, baking.

While I enjoy ministering in a spiritual way, there are other things that I also enjoy.

Garden, 2005

Iíve had one really good garden, and that was in 2002 when I grew pumpkins, corn, gourds, and just about anything else we wanted to try to eat that you could grow in a garden. It grew really well and I was able to give away basket after basket of stuff like zucchini and some tomatoes, though my tomatoes did get sick and eventually died. It was the first time Iíd ever tried onions, and had great success with them, so this year Iíve put some more in the ground.

In the fall, we made a pumpkin man and put him out in a chair up by the road and people snickered as they went by. It sure helped cheer people up on the gray, dreary fall days that they have here in Poland. I do think they thought it was a special ĒholidayĒ display, however, and it wasnít. I also put a bunch of gourds and various pumpkins of different shapes and sizes that I grew. My ďbigĒ pumpkin seed came from the states.

I have a special section on this site just to keep up with the garden. Check it out by clicking on that link.


I enjoy all kinds of crafts.