Our Children...






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Mike’s Side
Becky’s Side:

Mike and I have 5 children. We were married June 14, 1986 in Dade City, FL at Temple Baptist Church. Our children’s names and ages are as follows:

Jeremiah Mark - born August 28, 1988, in Salt Lake City, UT as we were travelling across the country so Mike could go back to Bob Jones University to work on his doctorate. Nightmare experience.

Timothy Michael - May 20, 1990, born in Greenville, SC at Barge Hospital on campus at BJU. Textbook perfect birth experience. We were working in a children’s home as houseparents, so just after delivery I was put in some stressful situations which I thought no “brand new mom” should have to go through (like hiding in a closet waiting for some girls to sneak back in through a window--when I’d  just delivered 2 days’s most uncomfortable!) My only completely “normal” delivery. He even cooperated and allowed the doctor to make it to a wedding anniversary celebration he wanted to go to.

Abigail Ruth - February 8, 1992, born in Dade City, FL at Dade City Hospital.  Record fast birth, textbook perfect delivery and nightmare labor all in one. Mike left the pickup parked in the emergency entrance while I delivered. He then went out and moved it after the 5 minutes that it took me to deliver her. I was so happy to have a girl!

Lydia Joy - December 1, 1994 at the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw, Poland. We had moved to our own house that day in Falenica. We had only been in Poland for 2 months. I knew a couple of words in Polish. Thankfully the midwife spoke a few words of English and it wasn’t my first delivery! Not difficult. Expectations shattered in recovery ward--no privacy, noisy, bored, etc. (I handled all okay except the no privacy aspect--I wanted OUT!)

Daniel Stephen - December 20,1997 at Batory Hospital in Otwock.  Slow delivery, but without problems.  No nurses or doctors there spoke English. I was prepared this time with my own juices, drinks, water, diapers, etc., all of which were different in Poland than in America. I missed the big meal of the day and had been in labor during breakfast and was starving for their supper which amounted to a piece of toast and a little white cheese (like cottage cheese).  I remember I was soo hungry! But, delivery cost us only $13 (which included a 2 days stay)! Mike brought me food.