On April 15, 2007 we had someone break a window in the church in Otwock and make a mess. Here are some pics.


broken window

Hereís the window they broke. They reached in and opened the latch.

kitchen mess 1

We think it was teens because of the type of mess.

kitchen mess

Thankfully they left the microwave, coffee maker, fridge and other such things. They did take the batteries out of the remote for the heater. It could have been so much worse!

upstairs mess 1

I had worked in this room after Christmas and had things organized. They went in and broke open boxes and dumped stuff. Oh my.  This room had been neatly stacked with boxes of Christmas stuff sorted and labeled.

Hereís another shot of the inside of my storage room.  I had hit upon a really good sale right before Christmas (at about 80% off) and so I stocked up on some walkie-talkies and dolls, etc. It is rare to find a sale of this kind.

upstairs mess 2
upstairs mess 3
upstairs mess 4

We hate to admit but we suspect some of the people weíve helped. I got a bit frustrated at the ripping of this package. This is a present for a little girl.

Iíve been collecting things for the fire victims as well. You can see some of the quilts. These were all stacked neatly in this room. The whole thing looks like a tornado hit it!

I do have an inventory list of what I had in presents, but the police said that with this type of thing, they couldnít really prosecute even if they saw it because it is normal, everyday stuff. We hadnít left any tools or expensive household items there (except the piano, heater, etc.). The police did get some good fingerprints off of some of the presents. I hope they arenít mine! :)

To be honest, it looks more like nuisance vandalism than a serious attempt at stealing. They probably took some cosmetic bags that I had made up, but I didnít have a LOT of those left this year. After I clean it up, Iíll be able to tell a little bit better what I had, but I didnít have some of the things numbered/inventories (i.e. how many deodorants I had). I hadnít left any cd players or anything valuable in and of itself there. The value is in the collective number of presents I have.

Mike is going to spend a night or two over there until we can get the window fixed. The neighbor heard something about 2 am. Weíll have to see about some sort of alarm esp. for this room where store stuff.